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Grakn 0.10.0 Release: Revamped Grakn Engine, Improved Dashboard, Change to roles and relations

January 12th marked the release of Grakn 0.10.0, which includes the following:

  • Complete revamp of the Grakn Engine, introducing a horizontally scalable framework for distributed tasks with load balancing and failover. The framework is used for long running background tasks such as bulk loading, validation, post-processing and more in the future.
  • Added system version number to the system keyspace so that Grakn software upgrades are well managed in the future.
  • Relaxed the restriction of roles being unique to relations. From now on, a given role type can be used in different relation types.
  • Make insert queries return results just like match queries.
  • Improved Dashboard.
  • Encrypt user passwords in system keyspace.
  • Add support for multiple queries in one expression
  • Tidying up of Core and Graql APIs.
  • Improved transaction handling.
  • Many bug fixes, improved API Javadocs, enhanced tests and overall improved quality.

Please leave any queries, problems or feedback as comments to this post, or talk to us on Slack!