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I tried to get Grakn working some weeks ago, but gave in despair. Now I am trying again. I have Windows 10 and java “1.8.0_281”. when I do .\grakn server startup, I get a mass of error messages, including:
An error has occurred during boot-up. Please run ‘grakn server status’ or check the logs located under the ‘logs’ directory.
Process exited with code ‘3’: 'java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: C:\Users\paulw\AppData\Local\Temp\jna-106439983\jna1886926197991071611.dll: Can’t find dependent libraries

Should I download Cassandra, or is that incorporated into Grakn?

Hi @PaulW

So first, want to make sure you are on Grakn Core 2.0-alpha-9. Next, want to make sure you on Java 11+.

Upgrading Java should resolve the error.

Thanks for the rapid response. I am using Grakn 1.8.4, which I found at https://dev.grakn.ai/docs/general/quickstart

I am using java 1.8.0_281. I assume this is what is referred to as java 8. I will certainly download the latest version.

@PaulW we would recommend moving to Grakn 2.0 - those docs can be viewed here: https://dev.docs.grakn.ai

Will still need to upgrade Java version.


Hi Daniel, Thanks. Grakn 2.0 and java 11 works. Regards, Paul