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Getting Started: setting up Grakn and writing your first schema

Upcoming Sessions:

Time: 1.25hrs

Good for:

  • Beginners to Grakn and Graql.
  • Those who have been using Grakn and want a refresher on schema and Graql.
  • Experienced data analysts and software engineers.
  • Those who want to better represent their domain in a model that allows for logical reasoning at the database level.


In this Grakn Academy, we will start by gaining an understanding of the fundamental components of the Grakn software. We will see how we can download, install, run, perform all basic database operations, all the way to deploying the database for development, demonstration and production.
Then we will explore what schema looks like within Grakn, starting with clarifying the motivation for schema, the conceptual schema of Grakn, and its relationship to the Enhanced Entity-Relationship model.


  • Understanding of fundamental components of Grakn and how to download, install, run on your computer.
  • Be able to articulate why schema is so beneficial when using Grakn, why we use one and how it enables a more expressive model.
  • Write a Grakn schema in Graql.

a step-by-step example of using Grakn-Graql in Console on Docker on Windows with URL links to the website

This is way cool @classbasics - can you give a bit more description in your post about how others can use this or find value from it?