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Getting started docs - different results on Win10 machine?

Hi. Newbie here. I’m following the docs on a Win10 machine and I’m not getting the same results as the docs.

Not sure if this is my machine’s problem, a TypeDB Console problem, or the docs. Please advise.

Specifically when I run “match $x sub thing; get $x;” I get nothing back in Console and the Powershell cursor is indented about 30 characters. Also there is no prompt.

transaction phone_calls schema read
phone_calls::schema::read> match $x sub thing; get $x;
[nothing on this line, cursor is indented to around here*, no console prompt]

I can see the schema in TypeDB Studio though.



Have you tried hitting enter twice? It normally requires two newlines to execute a query!

Feel free to file an issue on github if the formatting on windows is ugly as well, that should be considered a bug – it would go well in this repo: https://github.com/vaticle/typedb-console/issues

Thank you!