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Getting Error in Rules

Hi Team,

I’m facing an error while mentioning the Rule in the schema.
So the scenario is if a Key order number is present in 2 entity then those are in a same order.
I’ve mentioned like this:

order sub rule,
when {
$s isa server, has BUIDORDNUMTIENUM $y;
$p isa proc, has BUIDORDNUMTIENUM $y;
}, then {
$o($s, $p) isa order, $o has BUIDORDNUMTIENUM $y;

But getting error The concept [Base Type [RULE] - Id [V40964248] - Label [order] ] is not of type [interface grakn.core.kb.concept.api.Type]


@saheli_saha - how did you get on with approaching your use case by doing the relation creation before inserting into Grakn?

Don’t believe you need to use Grakn rules here.

Feel free to update this post should you have other challenges in getting going.

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Hi @daniel,

Yes absolutely you’re right!!
Restructured as per your suggestion now I’m just validating the same.

Thanks a ton for helping me like this.

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