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Frame Logic inference

Is any sort of Frame Logic (Mynsky frame logic concept very close to OOP) is supported in inference engine ?

Is there is no support, how can I make it myself ?

Ergo/Flora system looks cool, but in current point I need some visual tools for my experiments, and have problematic documentation quality (on tutorial level).

Some more notes on frames:

Logical Foundations of Object-Oriented and Frame-Based Languages
Michael Kifer, Georg Lausen, James Wu

A Framework for Representing Knowledge
Marvin Minsky
MIT-AI Laboratory Memo 306, June, 1974.


Frame logic is not natively supported in Graql.
This said, I’m not able to give you a final answer but the ability of representing hierarchical concepts together with inference rules seem to be a good match.

It would be interesting to see if there’s a formal equivalence. Do you know of any paper that shows how to map an f-logic into first order logic?


Looking on samples in [KLW95] (I noted this paper first in original message), I feel that F logic can be imprinted in hypergraph literally and natively, for example sample F-logic database on page 7.

Later I will post this db in terms of grakn in this thread.

[KLW95] other link: https://www.csee.umbc.edu/courses/771/papers/flogic.pdf