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External Visualization Tools

Are there any third party, desktop-based, visualization tools that can be used to interact with Grakn? The vis.js-based visualizer that comes with Grakn Core is very useful, but I am now getting into showing some of my knowledge graph work to non-technical people (and eventually I suspect, clients) and being able to tune and save my queries and explorations as documents I can iterate on would be extremely useful.

I’ve been reading about Gephi (https://gephi.org/), for instance—it seems to be very capable and has a plugin architecture that suggests it should be able to consume Grakn’s REST api. Have there been any investigations into this sort of use case? Are there other tools that might be more amenable than Gephi? Please advise.

Hi @awaschick,

we know about Gephi, but sadly never investigated on it as we were focused developing a web solution.

If you want to try with Gephi, don’t hesitate contacting us in Slack to get support on how to interpret Grakn’s REST responses.
Instead if you’re familiar with JS we can help in extending the current web dashboard to accommodate your needs, the code is all open source anyway.


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