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Error setting up Grakn Workbase

Hi , I am setting up Grakn worksbase and it doesn’t seems to be working. I am getting the error that “its not possible to retrieve databases , make sure Grakn is running and port and host name are correct”… I have verified grakn is running and host and port are correct too , checked from grakn.properties… What could be the issue here ?

Grakn core version :grakn core 1.8.4
worbase : windows alpha 3

Hi Bilal1

I think you mixed something. Your Grakn core database is 1.8.4 and the Workbase seems to be in version 2.0.0 alpha 3. Grakn changed the underlying technic significantly. I looked into the repository and you are right, There is no hint for the usage of a workbase for 1.8.4. The only way I see is you should download the source from GitHub, switch to the branch 1.3.6 and follow the ReadMe to build the workbase from source.


Hi all -
Workbase 2.0.0 is out now, as is Grakn Core 2.0.0 which should be compatible. The port is 1729, just make sure that you’re running the Grakn server (which sits in the foreground now after you do ./grakn server