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Error - GraqlSemanticException while reproducing BioGrakn Text Mining example with client Java

I’m trying to reproduce the BioGrakn example from the White Paper “Text Mined Knowledge Graphs” with the aim of building a text mined knowledge graph out of my (non-biomedical) document collection later on. Therefore, I buildt a Maven project out of the classes and the data from the textmining use case in the BioGrakn repo.
Migrating the schema, inserting the pubmed articles and training the model works perfectly, but then I got an INVALID_ARGUMENT: GraqlSemanticException-label 'gene' not found. Debugging reveals that the error is thrown in the migrateMentions() method in the CoreNLP.java which is calling the defineAndMigrateType(entityMentioned, entityType, writeTransaction, abstractId) method. It also reveals that the entityType “gene” is recognized.
What could be the problem? I’m really stuck here. Has anybody tried to successfully reproduce the Text Mining use case with client Java? Any help is highly appreciated.

Problem solved! Similar to this question, the problem was the schema, althought apparently it was proper loaded (successful method call). I’m not able to reproduce the steps that led to the completion of the Stanford CoreNLP pipeline in the end though.

Hi @sophie-anna, please refer to this PR for the solution: https://github.com/graknlabs/biograkn/pull/61

Thanks for the reply and the adjustment!