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Emit events when a materialization occurs?

Regarding inference and event-driven archictectures…

Would it be possible to add a event-emitting feature so that when a entity is materialized, an event is emitted so I can add a listener and send the event to be processed in a event-driven-based application?

As a second feature, would “continuous inference materialization” be possible? That would permit the events to be emitted on a continuous basis.

Hi @johnwoo1,

Sorry for the late reply.

event-emitting feature

We have been discussing this feature internally already. I can’t provide an exact timeline but it is on our roadmap.

continuous inference materialization

What do you mean by this? Do you mean having rules be materialised continuously without having to issue any queries?

yes because if we want to emit events continuously based on inference, the inference reasoner must run continuously I think?

So yes we are working on making a continuous reasoning system running in the background using a forward chaining mechanism. This is a big priority on our roadmap but it is also a big piece of work so I sadly I can’y give any timelines on this.

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