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Dependency on grpcio 1.24.1

I’m trying to install grakn-client 1.7.2 using pip on Win 10. You can see grakn-client seems to depend on grpcio 1.24.1, an old version for which there is no longer easy access to a whl file. Can you update to at least version 1.26.0 if not the newest version?

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Hi! Can you try installing wheel and rerunning? ie. pip3 install wheel

Hi Joshua. Thanks for your reply. As you can see below I successfully installed wheel, was able to build the whl file for grakn-client, but was unable to build the whl for grpcio 1.24.1. The entire error message is lengthy yet inconclusive and mirrors the one discussed here.


We will try to upgrade the gRPC version soon, we had performance issues when we updated it to 1.29. We may try an intermediate version soon.

Hi @joshua I am facing the same issue as the @kingOtto’s issue I have already installed grpcio with version 1.32.0 when I am trying to install 1.24.1 it not allow me to install and if am trying to install gakn-client it also not installing successfully it shows the error "Building Wheel for grpcio (setup.py) … error ". what will be a solution?

I also am having the same problem as @mameen, @joshua.

It is successfully building the wheel for grakn-client, but fails to build grpcio.

Please let me know of any solutions.

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I had this problem when using Python 3.9.0.

I fixed it by using a virtualenv with Python 3.7.9.

For OSX, try the following commands to install Python 3.7.9 and create a virtualenv.

brew install  python@3.7   
virtualenv --python=/usr/local/opt/python@3.7/bin/python3 env
source env/bin/activate
pip3 install grakn-client

Hope it can help somebody :slight_smile:

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Posting an update here as I just stumbled across this discussion:

Client Python 2.0.0 production has been released, with the following requirements:

  • grpcio==1.36.1
  • protobuf==3.15.5

This should resolve any issues installing Client Python in the latest versions of Python.

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