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Deletion of Keyspaces doesn't remove them from the visualizer

I have set up a dev environment running on 3 systems; comprising a dedicated grakn.ai 0.17 instance, which stores data onto a pair of Cassandra hosts. I’m making excellent progress but have run into an issue having to do with housekeeping.

In the course of my development efforts I’ve created a number of test keyspaces. But, when I’m done with them, I would like to get rid of them so I don’t have a long line of test_1, test_2, etc. running down the side of my visualizer. In order to define replication factors and generally understand how Cassandra works with the graph db, I am using Datastax DevCenter to create these keyspaces. I do my work, and then again in DevCetner, drop the keyspaces. All is well, except!

When I go back into the visualizer, the keyspaces are still present on the list. Obviously they don’t exist anymore, and when I try to do a match query on it, I get back the expected errors. My still-existing keyspaces work fine.

So, how do I fully eradicate these test keyspaces? I tried restarting the service, as well as fully rebooting the server. Is there a value somewhere in graknsystem or grakn keyspaces I have to expunge? Is there a cache file being stored elsewhere on my graph server’s filesystem? Have I gone about this all wrong? Please advise.


Hi Andy
Even i am facing same issue, i am able delete keyspace from backend but still its showing in grakn visualizer. So did you get any solution for this or any other way that we can delete it from visualizer?

An http request will do it iirc:

DELETE localhost:4567/kb/keyspace_name

This was certainly the case with 1.2, not sure if this problem still persists with 1.3 (and now 1.4, just released)


Thank you nathan. It worked for me.:grinning:

Hi Andy,

We just released Grakn Workbase 1.4. In the next few weeks we will be releasing Grakn Workbase 1.5 which will have a dedicated UX to manage your keyspaces - included adding and deleting. So stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,