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Delete data from keyspace

Ashamed to say this is taking a considerable amount of effort. How does one delete all the day from a keyspace?

Hi Angus, can you clarify - are you trying to clear a keyspace and said operation is taking a very long time?

If you’re asking how to delete your data in a keyspace, you can use the command clean followed by confirm in the graql console:

$ graql console -k your_keyspace
>>> clean
>>> confirm

Thanks for the reply. I am trying to delete a keyspace using the console.

  1. Launch console ./graql.sh

  2. Run “clean”, this gives me the error > “extraneous input ‘clean’ expecting {, ‘match’, ‘compute’, ‘insert’}”

Not sure what I am doing wrong, all help appreciated.

update: My Dockerfile had an old version, my bad.



I see. We would recommend the latest version which is 1.3.0.

Best of luck,