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Connection with dialogflow

can you please help in connecting grakn with google dialogflow

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Could you please expand on what you are trying to do with Dialogflow?

You may want to use Grakn NodeJS driver to talk to dialogflow + run an instance of Grakn on Google Cloud.

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I want to build a movie chatbot, for this I am using Grakn and dialogflow. I followed “https://blog.grakn.ai/chatbots-and-grakn-ai-67563c64cfde” link, but unable to proceed how to connect my grakn with Dialogflow.
Can you please help me in doing this.

Please clarify what the issue you’re running into is. Are you facing problems in using one of the Grakn Clients?

can you tell detail about this comment ??
i do ontology base chatbot
how i can connect between chatbot and ontology
can you advice me please

Realistically, you want to keep it simple, so generally you will collect a matched intent, plus usually a couple of entities, and you develop a context json in the dialog tree that sends these signals to some back end (e.g. Lambda), which triggers the query in Grakn, formats the return data, and sends it back.

There are many tutorials on chatbots, and all external services use a common pattern, triggered by the dialog tree

I don’t understand what the first time I need to do to create a chatbot using Dialogflow and grakn, where do I get a tutorial to find out more details about dialogflow and grakn, thankyou