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Comparing SQL to Graql

Beyond SQL; Graql is a fifth generation query language

Using SQL to query relational databases is easy. As a declarative language, it’s straightforward to write queries and build powerful applications. However, relational databases struggle when working with complex data. When querying such data in SQL, challenges especially arise in the modelling and querying of the data.

For example, due to the large number of necessary JOINs, it forces us to write long and verbose queries. Such queries are difficult to write and prone to mistakes.

Graql is the query language used in Grakn. Just as SQL is the standard query language in relational databases, Graql is Grakn’s query language. It’s a declarative language, and allows us to model, query and reason over our data.

In this talk, we will look at how Graql compares to SQL. Why and when should you use Graql over SQL? How do we do outer/inner joins in Graql? We’ll look at the common concepts, but mostly talk about the differences between the two.