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Comparing Semantic Web Technologies to TypeDB and TypeQL

Comparing the Semantic Web Stack to TypeDB and its query language TypeQL

Semantic Web technologies enable us to represent and query for very complex and heterogeneous datasets. We can add semantics and reason over large bodies of data on the web. However, despite a lot of educational material available, they have failed to achieve mass adoption outside academia.

TypeDB works at a higher level of abstraction and enables developers to be more productive when working with complex data. TypeDB is easier to learn, reducing the barrier to entry and enabling more developers to access semantic technologies. Instead of using a myriad of standards and technologies, we just use one language - TypeQL.

In this talk:

  • we will look at how TypeQL compares to Semantic Web standards, specifically RDF, SPARQL RDFS, OWL and SHACL.
  • cover questions such as, how do we represent hyper-relations in TypeDB? How to use rdfs:domain and rdfs:range in TypeDB? And how do the modelling philosophies compare?