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Chinese couldn't be displayed normally in Typedb Studio 2.4.0-alpha-4; Docker installed Typedb couldn' t save Chinese normally

I ran into some problems when I use the Typedb Studio 2.4.0-alpha-4.

First of all, the command line couldn’t show the Chinese normally. (Please see the picture below.)

The Chinese concept could be displayed normally in the studio when I installed the TypeDB locally. But, when I installed it by Docker, Chinese cannot be displayed through all the clients, including Java Client, Studio, or the console command-line. (Please see the picture below.) I guess it’s a bug related to Docker.

Hi, thanks for the report!

It looks like Docker might not support rendering Chinese characters by default, and you can fix this by changing your Docker startup settings - please see https://github.com/docker-library/php/issues/359#issuecomment-271784228 :

Because base image default locale is C, which does not support UTF-8 characters.

If you want to display Chinese characters, just set an environment variable LC_ALL to C.UTF-8. E.g:

docker run --rm -e LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 <your_image_name>

Thus you can see any UTF-8 characters.

alex, Thank you so much. I changed the setting according to you guidance and it totally works!

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