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Changing Databases


There is a cognitive architecture called SOAR (https://github.com/SoarGroup/Soar) that apparently uses SQLite (https://github.com/SoarGroup/Soar/tree/development/Core/SoarKernel/sqlite) as a database and I want it to use GRAKN. Not only that but I want some of the functionality of SOAR to transfer to GRAKN.

For example:
In Graql:

rule-label sub rule,
when {
the condition },
then {
the conclusion

In SOAR it should translate as:

sp {rule*name



I found a few files that have the command
“include sqlite3.c” , “include sqlite3.h”, include “soar_db.h”

Soar\IDE Projects\Soar-xcode\Soar-xcode.xcodeproj\project.pbxproj

I am not a programmer so if this is something too complicated then can you recommend someone I can hire to do it for me?

Sorry - what’s the question? You can definitely have rules with conditons and conclusions in Grakn, as long as they follow the permitted formats in Grakn.

In our experience Grakn is close enough to english and makes concepts you can visualise in your head accessible enough, that people with only basic programming experience find it feasible to get productive with :slight_smile: