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Call for TypeDB Committee and Project Incubator

Dear beloved Vaticle Community,

We have another massive piece of news we’d like to share with you! With the momentum and sheer ambition we see in the community, we’ve been hearing voices calling for even greater collaboration. Particularly in building our ecosystem.

This has inspired us to assemble a TypeDB Committee and Project Incubator to help us drive the TypeDB development roadmap and collaborate on developing and managing TypeDB projects officially. To that end, we would invite our community members into the committee and the community projects into the incubator.

I’ll be sharing more about this at the start of today’s Grakn Orbit Keynote at 4pm (UK time). Tune in to hear more about it!

PS: We’ll have typedb.org (not site yet) as the home for our TypeDB Committee and Project Incubator. Committee members will have first-pick on their @typedb.org email address. :wink:

Onwards and Upwards!


Following our announcement at the conference yesterday, we are officially assembling TypeDB Committee and Project Incubator.

To start off, we see the TypeDB Committee fulfilling four main purposes:

  1. As a structured platform for users to contribute to the TypeDB development roadmap
  2. As a platform to enable users to contribute to TypeDB server and libraries
  3. As a platform to centralise all TypeDB projects as one ecosystem (which will live at https://typedb.org)
  4. As a vehicle to organise community projects via the TypeDB Project Incubator

The TypeDB Project Incubator an environment to nurture community projects towards maturity by:

  1. Finding community members to contribute to community projects
  2. Raising the visibility of community projects across the user base
  3. Holding a standard of quality across community projects through code quality governance

For those of you who have ideas to contribute, have projects to share and collaborate on, are curious about contributing to the codebase, or want to stay up-to-date with the latest development and decisions in our community, we cordially invite you to the very first TypeDB Committee and Project incubator meeting next week, on Wednesday at 5 pm UK time.

To join the meeting, please fill in this form that would help us understand how you’d like to participate. You will then be sent a calendar invite with a Zoom link for the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all next week!