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Building on Windows Failure

I used the following command to attempt to build TypeDB on Windows:

bazel build //:assemble-windows-zip

It failed with the following messages:

[INFO 14:01:08.076 src/main/cpp/option_processor.cc:407] Looking for the following rc files: c:\programdata\bazel.bazelrc,s:\projects\typedb-build/.bazelrc,C:/Users/Gary/.bazelrc
[INFO 14:01:08.077 src/main/cpp/rc_file.cc:56] Parsing the RcFile s:\projects\typedb-build/.bazelrc
[INFO 14:01:08.078 src/main/cpp/rc_file.cc:56] Parsing the RcFile /opt/credentials/bazel-remote-cache.rc
[FATAL 14:01:08.078 src/main/cpp/util/path_windows.cc:479] Path::Path(/opt/credentials/bazel-remote-cache.rc): AsAbsoluteWindowsPath failed: Unix-style paths are unsupported

Can anyone tell me how to get around this? If all else fails, I guess I can build it in a Ubuntu VM. TIA.

–Gary Kopp

@geez4 try removing this line typedb/.bazelrc at e3aaaef98dbe5a4a0eb812d948617231fbe08b4e · vaticle/typedb · GitHub from .bazelrc and build again

Thanks, Max. The line I ended up removing was actually “try-import /opt/credentials/bazel-remote-cache.rc”. Now the build runs for a while and ends up failing with “python interpreter not found”. I have Python 3.9.2 and PIP 20.2.3 installed and accessible on the Windows PATH. Any additional suggestions?