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Brainstorming features: what would you like to see into analytics?

Performing data analytics is one of the goals of the MindmapsDB stack, but “data analytics” is a really broad hat that covers a lot of things. Some of these things look easy, but are really difficult under the hood, some of them look advanced, but are really easy to implement; some look cool on paper, but then nobody actually need them, so if you could have anything you wanted, what would that be?

A few ideas to get started:

  • ability to perform arithmetics and basic math on resources (e.g. creating new resources combining the values of other resources)
  • graph centrality measures with respect to different sets of relations
  • degree distributions


Page rank! It would really help for performing search on the graph database.

You are perfectly right, Carl. I think that it is already in the works, but I need to check with the Analytics team.