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Best practice to increase the performance of Grakn 1.8.4

Any suggestion of typical configurations to increase the performance of Grakn 1.8.4? Such as:

  1. jvm tuning
  2. session pool / clinet, timeout / buffer size settings
  3. global shared memory size
  4. execution plan / optimization

Grakn 1.x is not being supported anymore. I believe you were using compute path as the reason not to upgrade? In which case the best you can hope for is to increase the number of CPUs and RAM and allow the JVM to utilise it: python 3.x - Java Heap Space issue in Grakn 1.6.0 - Stack Overflow
you’ll probably want to increase it to maybe 4gb each to start?

@joshua Thanks for you info. Yes, compute path is why I’m stay with Graken 1.8.4 now.