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Behold, Grakn Cosmos: The Universe of Orderly Systems

The “cosmos” is the universe viewed as a complex and orderly system, as opposed to chaos. Grakn isa database; one that empowers complex systems to be more intelligent through logic, reasoning, and knowledge engineering. The universe of all systems built on Grakn is the universe of orderly systems – the Grakn Cosmos.

After seeing our community continue to grow for the past few years, I am now absolutely overjoyed to announce that, in London on the 6th and 7th of February 2020, we will be bringing the Grakn Community from all around the world to the first-ever Grakn conference: Grakn Cosmos!
Grakn Cosmos is the conference of people changing the world with Grakn. Come and join us and meet everyone in the community - the faces behind the @username. Explore and learn about the applications of knowledge engineering, and draw inspiration from technologies built by the community.

If you have a Grakn story, we’d love to invite you to speak at Grakn Cosmos. Share your story of knowledge engineering with the community. Share your challenges, your solutions, your innovations, and your lessons. Let us celebrate your achievements with you and tell the world about it!

25 leaders of our Grakn Community from around the world are now confirmed to be speaking at Grakn Cosmos, and we’re still counting! We truly hope to see everyone in our community at the conference next year, and we hope you are as excited as we are!

See you at Grakn Cosmos!!!