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API description

Dear All!

I’m new to Grakn and haven’t written any code for years. I have two questions:

  1. how to check the service availability in the new API, i.e. do as in the old (Java):
    Client.serverIsRunning (options.getUri ())? Do I understand correctly that expressions like that and this one:
    “GraknGraph graph = Grakn.session (Grakn.DEFAULT_URI,” grakn “). Open (GraknTxType.WRITE);”
    correspond to an early version of the 2017 API?
  2. is there a common description of API versions somewhere to quickly find descriptions of classes and methods?

Thank you very much!

Hi there!

I think we have what you want at https://dev.grakn.ai/ it has up-to-date documentation of the APIs for all supported languages, and documentation on Graql queries.

Hope this helps!