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2020 Engineering Team Kickoff - Year in Review

First things first, big :clap: for the entire team. There were many late nights, early mornings and intense discussions throughout the year and the result was a more finely tuned, efficient, and maybe more importantly, a stronger bonded team.

Now for a bit of a review - what the heck happened in 2019?

Making Grakn Easier to Use and Help You Stay Up-to-Date

  • Resolved stability issues at bootup
  • Fixed attribute deduplicator
  • Stabilised writes by upgrading to CQL from Cassandra
  • Achieved a high degree of coverage of build, test and release in a reliable automation infrastructure - we release faster, get user feedback faster, allowing us to iterate faster.

New Use Cases and Libraries

  • Launch of KGLIB + KGCN - 200 stars and counting…
  • Development of BioGrakn - helping the life sciences industry handle more and more complex biological data [ Read More ]

Broader Awareness and Interest in What We’re Building

  • 44% yoy increase in github stars :slight_smile:
  • 500+ PRs on Grakn CORE alone!
  • 31 events from Amsterdam to Poland + Vienna, Berlin to NYC + Seattle - we can’t wait to get on the road again in 2020
  • Over 2.000 new community members across meetup groups
  • Over 35 speakers signed up to Grakn Cosmos 2020 - presenting talks on using Grakn for precision medicine, robotics, cyber security, expert systems, oh ya and space mission design :open_mouth:

What’s on the horizon for 2020?

  • Scaling Correctly
  • Scaling Measurably
  • Scaling iteratively, quickly
  • and you know there are some surprises up our sleeves :wink: